• Rocker: Moderate
  • Rail Profile: Tucked
  • Tail Profile: Fang Tip
  • Nose Profile: Round
  • Rider Profile: Advanced to Expert
  • Includes: EVA Traction and F4 Thermotec and Nubster Quad Fin


If you’ve followed our model range for a while, you have undoubtedly heard about the Secret Weapon. The signature rounded nose and fang tip tail has allowed riders to progress to new heights.

Slated as an advanced level board with tons of pop off the wave and a highly engineered rail profile, the Secret Weapon may be ridden by intermediate riders with great success. If you’re looking to take your riding to the next level, the concave deck allows increase attachment in air tricks. The base utilizes a flat entry to a deep single concave for speed and pop off the wake. While the wide fang tail creates drive and control going into and out of tricks or aerials. 


Advanced riders routinely setup this board as a Twin fin with Futures Fins Grom John Honeycomb fins. If you prefer a quad setup, this board is well adapted to a V2 foiled fin with a nubster.

Secret Weapon


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